About Adam

“Adam is a true expert and professional in his field…he is extremely insightful.” -Jennifer Manriquez, Plymouth, MI

“Adam is a true stand up guy. I’ve never met a person as energetic and forward thinking as this guy. He always has is finger on the pulse of where things are headed and I’m glad to know him both personally and in the business world. A recommendation would be an understatement.” – Tim Haugan, Sterling Heights, MI

“Adam is the epitome of consistency! No matter what business he is handling, it is always done with extraordinary diligence and honesty, something that is VERY rare these days. I feel privileged know Adam on a professional and personal level.” - L. Scott Ferguson, Commerce Twp, MI

“Adam Davis is one of my most trusted advisers in business. Whether it’s about investing in stocks or real estate, Adam is my first call.” - Dylan Tanaka, Gross Pointe, MI

“Adam, I am impressed with the contents of your information—very professional. I look forward to working with you…” -Tom L. Real Estate Investor, New Baltimore, MI

Adam J. Davis is a financial professional and the founder of Ellis Wyatt Investments, LLC, a private investment firm. He is also the founder of Akston Group, LLC, a real estate investment company.

His investing experience includes: publicly traded stocks and bonds, secured real estate placements and private company investments.  Investment management highlights include:

•    Annual compound returns of averaging 25% per year (since 2008) in two equity portfolios
•    Private real estate placement returns averaging 12% per year for real estate investment companies (2007-2011)
•    Multi-million real estate and private business acquisitions and repositioning.

Adam is a published author of The Book on Private Money. He regularly addresses audiences across the country and teaches entrepreneurs how to raise and invest capital.

Adam J. Davis is a former Registered Investment Advisor. He is a high honor graduate of Michigan State University.  Adam lives in Southeast Michigan.

In my own words

I look really ‘serious’ in this picture…but that’s on purpose.


First of all, because I am always a bit self-conscious in pictures and, secondly…

Because investing is serious business!

I work hard, work as smart as possible and demand results and accountability in everything I do.

I also understand the finite nature of life and try to have as much fun as possible doing what I love.  And one of the things I love to do most is… invest.

My experience touches many different industries and different structures. I’ve started and built several multi-million portfolios, each privately funded and capitalized. I’ve had real shareholders and limited partners to answer to. One of this things I wanted to do after I graduated college (and made a well timed exit from a soon to be bailed out financial institution) was to ‘get my hands dirty.’  To learn about businesses from the ground up. Learned how money is made (and lost) and…how the most profitable investments work.

This means I have a one-of-a-kind insight into providing valuable information and ideas you can profit from. I’ve made my share of mistakes and had my share of successes…and every ounce of my experience and effort goes into helping you.

About My Investing Style

I’m a bottom up evaluator. A market agnostic. I buy assets at significant discounts to their intrinsic value.

This may sound simple…but it’s not easy.

It requires turning over a lot of rocks, looking at the most arcane of information and always seeing the forest through the trees.

Thanks for visiting and I hope we can work together to let me do the heavy lifting for you.

Thank you.


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